‘Dual track’ an empty threat as IPO window closes

Contact: Brenon Daly

If not shut, the tech IPO window is too narrow for most would-be debutants to get through right now. It’s been two full weeks since Workday soared onto the market in one of the hottest offerings in recent times. But since that IPO, there’s been nothing but crickets in the tech sector.

Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising, given that the equity market has ticked lower while volatility has ticked higher over the past two weeks. In any case, the IPO drought certainly isn’t surprising to any of the respondents of the semiannual M&A Leaders’ Survey, which we sent out earlier this month and wrote up earlier this week.

Of the dozen reasons why deals aren’t getting done, survey respondents ranked ‘competition from IPOs’ dead last. (Not only that, the response also showed the single biggest decline since our earlier survey in April.) Fully seven out of 10 respondents said the IPO market isn’t really having an impact on M&A activity, up from 51% who said that back in April.

Competitive impact of IPO market on M&A

Survey period Strong Neutral Weak
April 2012 24% 25% 49%
October 2012 12% 18% 70%

Source: M&A Leaders’ Survey from 451 Research / Morrison & Foerster

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