Shallow pool in mobile optimization becoming shallower

Contact: Ben Kolada

After Allot Communications dipped its toes into the pool of mobile optimization targets by acquiring small Ortiva Wireless, Citrix cannonballed with the acquisition of Bytemobile. These two deals significantly drained the already shallow pool of acquisition targets in this market. Interested buyers should dismiss the ‘don’t run when wet’ precaution, and jump in before there’s no water left.

Consumers are buying data-intensive devices in droves, and data consumption is exploding as a result. Because seamless data use is considered a right rather than a privilege these days, cell carriers unable to provide flawless transmission risk customer desertion. Tackling this concern, mobile operators are employing every option available to relieve their bandwidth bottlenecks, including relying on a new breed of mobile traffic optimization firms.

As these upstarts emerge as viable solutions, they’re becoming increasingly attractive acquisition targets both for the vendors that traditionally have served telcos, and for non-traditional vendors hoping to pull in cash-rich telco customers.

However, interested acquirers need to move fast. In a recent report, we identified 11 remaining vendors, ranging from pre-revenue firms to established midmarket players. But less than half of those vendors target mobile optimization as their core business. Click here to see who we think may be next in the buyout line.

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