Google ups premium video play with mDialog buy

Contact: Scott Denne

ABC, CBS and their peers can’t be expected to dump their primetime lineups onto YouTube alongside cat videos and ukulele covers of ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ That’s why Google’s premium video efforts are built around DoubleClick, including the just-announced acquisition of mDialog, a maker of ad-insertion technology for long-form and live-streaming video, which will support DoubleClick’s efforts to build an ad exchange for premium video.

Through owning YouTube, Google led the first phase of online video: short clips, occasionally pirated and often user-generated. Owning the second phase, as traditional television (not to mention traditional television advertising dollars) goes digital, will take a new technology stack as well as relationships with a new set of advertisers and content creators.

Google is not the only company to recognize the need for new teams and technologies to accompany this latest phase. For example, Comcast picked up FreeWheel Media in March to provide traditional media companies with services and software to monetize and manage their digital video. And last month, Kaltura, a maker of video editing, streaming and management software, bought over-the-top video specialist Tvinci in a deal that was as much about the target’s relationships with broadcasters as it was about its technology.

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