Stratasys’ new M&A game

Contact: Scott Denne

Coming off a handful of successful deals, Stratasys is ramping up its M&A activity. The 3-D printing company has picked up GrabCAD in its fourth acquisition of the year. With GrabCAD, Stratasys gets a library of designs and CAD collaboration software to help spur sales of its 3-D printers.

Until the 2012 purchase of its peer, Objet, for $634m in stock, Stratasys had only inked one deal for $38m. In the year after that transaction, the company posted 35% organic revenue growth – and anticipates another 30% this year, excluding the results from its $403m reach for MakerBot Industries, which itself has grown more than 50% and contributed $54m to Stratasys’ $283m top line through the first half of 2014.

With those acquisitions behind it, Stratasys has moved from one deal per year to four this year, including some tuck-ins – Harvest Technologies and Interfacial Solutions – that hadn’t been part of its M&A playbook during the previous decade.

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