Taking it easy

Contact: Ben Kolada

J2 Global has announced the acquisition of Backup-Connect International, another characteristic play of its usual M&A strategy. Although its recent purchases of Ziff Davis and IGN Entertainment seemed to signal that j2 would focus on larger and inherently more difficult acquisitions, we read the company as still being more of an opportunistic acquirer – taking what it can if the taking is easy.

At a high level, the acquisition of Netherlands-based Backup-Connect is yet another geographic play meant to add global depth to j2’s business continuity services. With Backup-Connect, the company has now announced four acquisitions in this sector: two in Ireland, one in the US and now one in the Netherlands.

The fact that this is j2’s first foray into the Netherlands suggests that the country hasn’t historically been a strategic focus, although it does provide a handy base for continental European operations. Also, the company’s main dealmaker didn’t have to travel far to do the deal: j2’s global head of M&A, Jeroen van der Weijden, operates out of Amsterdam.

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