Data Domain: Battle at Centre Court

Contact: Brenon Daly

A long, drawn-out battle – with back-and-forth volleying – to claim a coveted prize. We could be talking about the amazing men’s final at Wimbledon over the weekend, but since we’re back in the office, we’re actually referring to the ongoing fight over Data Domain. On Monday, EMC served up what it hopes will be an ace. It raised its existing all-cash offer for the data de-duplication specialist to $33.50 per share.

EMC’s latest bid values Data Domain at roughly $2.3bn, richer than its previous offer as well as the one from original suitor NetApp. Recall that NetApp served first, offering $1.75bn in cash and stock for Data Domain on May 20. EMC returned that with a $2.1bn bid of its own a week and a half later. And now, EMC has knocked a shot that, honestly, we feel NetApp will have trouble stretching to get. Our view: Advantage EMC.