IncrediMail reaches deep for deal

Contact: Brenon Daly

Almost exactly a year after taking the top spot at IncrediMail, CEO Josef Mandelbaum has announced his first acquisition at the digital media company. And it’s a big one: IncrediMail, which had just $33m in cash in March, will spend $25m upfront and another possible $15m earnout to add startup Smilebox. IncrediMail will cover at least the first tranche of the payment from its own treasury when the deal closes later this year, but it may look to tap the credit market for the earnout.

The transaction represents a significant bet by the Israeli firm, which has a market cap of just $70m. According to IncrediMail’s forecast, Smilebox should add more than $15m to revenue next year to the vendor, which, organically, has only generated about $30m in sales in each of the past two years. (We should note, however, that those sales are highly profitable for IncrediMail. Its operating margin runs at roughly 40%.)

The fact that Mandelbaum is doing deals for IncrediMail shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Before taking the top spot at the small public company, he ran the interactive division of American Greetings, where it built out the digital business of the card provider through a series of acquisitions. Among the deals Mandelbaum put together included the pickups of, PhotoWorks, and Webshots. In fact, during his tenure at American Greetings, we understand that Mandelbaum may have even been interested in buying his current firm, IncrediMail.

The deepening discount on DivX

Contact: Brenon Daly

A week ago, Sonic Solutions announced that it was making its largest-ever acquisition: the $325m cash-and-stock purchase of DivX. While that pending transaction remains the biggest deal that the digital media management vendor has ever considered, it is getting smaller virtually every day. Because of the decline in shares of Sonic Solutions, the price tag for DivX has been trimmed by about $50m, or 15%.

Under terms, Sonic Solutions will hand over $3.75 in cash and about half a share (0.514) for each share of DivX. The cash portion is fixed, so DivX shareholders stand to pocket about $125m from that. On the other hand, the value of the stock component of the proposed transaction varies from day to day, depending on the price of shares of Sonic Solutions.

On the day before Sonic Solutions announced the acquisition, the company’s stock closed at $11.83. Based on that price, DivX shareholders stood to pocket about $200m of equity consideration ($11.83 x 0.514 = $6.18/share x 33 million DivX shares = $200m). With its stock finishing trading Monday at $8.83, the total value of the equity that Sonic Solutions will hand over to DivX shareholders has dropped to $150m. So altogether, the consideration for DivX is about $275m. But the value is headed even lower. On Tuesday, Sonic Solutions shares closed lower — the fifth straight decline since announcing the acquisition.