MediaMath strikes twice in Akamai deal

Contact: Ben Kolada, Tejas Venkatesh

Marketing analytics startup MediaMath and CDN giant Akamai have engaged in a two-pronged deal that should help accelerate MediaMath’s already astounding growth rate. MediaMath is acquiring Akamai’s Advertising Decision Solutions assets and data cooperative, and is gaining exclusive access to Akamai’s pixel-free technology, which tracks online user behavior without using tracking pixels.

Adding to its already successful TerminalOne platform, MediaMath is picking up Akamai’s advertising data management platform and opt-in data-sharing cooperative. MediaMath says the assets will help its advertiser clients better profile audiences and predict audience behavior.

Terms of the transaction also provide MediaMath with multiyear, exclusive access to Akamai’s pixel-free technology. The traditional method for advertisers to collect user data has been to install tracking pixels on users’ computers when they access websites. However, Akamai’s pixel-free technology bypasses that strategy. Since Akamai has access to a significant portion of Web traffic through its content delivery and site acceleration services, it can directly observe user behavior. Its pixel-free technology leverages its content delivery roots to track user online behavior without the need to install tracking pixels.

We’d note that even before the addition of Akamai’s assets, MediaMath had done quite well for itself. With primarily organic growth, the company, founded in 2007, grew revenue last year to $180m, more than double the $78m it recorded in 2011.

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