Text Analytics Summit

I will be speaking twice at the forthcoming Text Analytics Summit in Boston June 15-17.

I am presenting a market overview of all the text analytics vendors on the night before the conference proper starts. Yes, that’ll be a Sunday, at 7pm [UPDATE: it’s been moved to 6pm] for those of you at a loss for something to do in Boston’s Back Bay area on a Sunday evening!  I’m hoping there will be a lot of interesting customers in the audience to critique my analysis and provoke some discussion. I’ll be covering a dozen or so vendors, following on immediately from a presentation given by conference chair Seth Grimes, that aims to answer the ‘what can text anlaytics do for me?’ type question.

And on the afternoon of the first day (June 16) I’m one of five – count ’em! – analysts on a panel moderated by Olivier Jouve of SPSS. The others are Sue Feldman of IDC, Fern Halper of Hurwitz, Lyndsay Wise of Wise Analytics and Seth, again. It should be interesting and well try and say something original, despite there being five of us all talking abot rouhgly the same subject!

It’s the fourth year of the conference (this’ll be my second year, I did the anlayst panel last year) and it’s the main US gathering of those selling, using (or looking to use) or investing in text anlaytics. If you read this and attend the conference, please introduce yourself, I’d love to meet our readers


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#1 Seth Grimes on 06.03.08 at 4:28 am

Hi Nick. I’m of course very much looking forward to the summit. One small correction: I asked the organizers to move the workshop times up by one hour. Your workshop will be at 6 pm, not 7 pm. See the agenda at

Also, I’m probably going to extricate myself from the analyst panel. While I’m sure I could hold my own, I’ll have my share of podium time, and my withdrawing will give the audience a greater share of time with you full-time analysts.

See you in a couple of weeks.