Webinar: NoSQL and Hadoop in action at AOL

Next Thursday, February 24 (at 10am PT), I’ll be taking part in a webinar with Pero Subasic, Chief Architect, AOL to discuss the use cases for NoSQL database and Hadoop.

More specifically, Pero will be presenting how AOL Advertising leverages Hadoop and Membase NoSQL database technology to rapidly process operational user data to achieve sub-millisecond performance. Before that, I will be providing some context with a presentation about the changing data management landscape, the drivers behind the adoption of NoSQL databases and Hadoop, and their respective use cases.

My presentation provides a sneak peak into our ongoing research into the drivers and use cases for emerging database technologies, which will be delivered in a new long format report due in early April.

Following Pero’s presentation we will be joined by executives from Couchbase and Cloudera to answer any questions. You can register for the event here, while Couchbase’s James Phillips has provided a taster of what to expect here.