Welcome to Too Much Information

Welcome to the new 451 Group blog about information management. What’s information management, you may ask?

It’s the confluence of a variety of strategies organization employ to get their arms and exploit the myriad sources of data and information at their disposal. Specifically this means 451’s coverage of the following areas:

  • Search
  • Collaboration
  • Content management
  • Text analysis
  • eDiscovery
  • Archiving
  • Storage
  • Databases (relational & otherwise)
  • Business intelligence
  • Master & metadata management

It is written mainly by Kathleen Reidy and myself, and both of us will be at the AIIM Expo this week in Boston where we will be taking the temperature of the content management market & talking with a bunch of vendors and end users.

More on that and Drupalcon this week.

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