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The Data Day, A few days: December 13-19 2014

Teradata acquires RainStor, MongoDB acquires WiredTiger. And more

And that’s the data day, today.

NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – December 2014

As usual there’s an early finish to the quarter for our NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, which tracks mentions of NoSQL database in LinkedIn member profiles, but as usual that has little impact on the results as MongoDB continues to account for 49% of all LinkedIn member profiles mentioning a NoSQL project.


There are a few changes further down the list of NoSQL projects with both Aerospike and OrientDB overtaking Voldemort, as predicted, and RethinkDB overtaking Hypertable.

As noted last quarter, there was a chance that Aerospike might get overtaken by OrientDB and MarkLogic might get overtaken by DynamoDB. As it happens both held off their respective challengers but their places remain under threat.

ArangoDB had the fastest rate of growth in the quarter (21.57%), followed by RethinkDB (21.28%), FoundationDB (19.74%), OrientDB (18.02%) and Aerospike (17.62%). DynamoDB was next, and the fastest growing inside the top ten, with 14.37%.


Of course, we would also note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a snapshot of one particular data source.

The Data Day, A few days: December 6-12 2014

Hortonworks prices IPO at $16m, opens at $24. And more

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: November 27-December 5 2014

OpenText to acquire Actuate for $272m

And that’s the data day, today.