The Data Day: December 16, 2016

What happened in data and analytics this week has to be seen to be believed

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: July 30-August 6, 2015

1010data acquired. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: March 22-April 4 2014

Cloudera raises $900m. Pivotal launches Big Data Suite. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

New 451 Research report: Total Data Integration

Data integration technologies have a critical role to play in delivering on the potential of ‘big data,’ by ensuring that emerging data processing and analysis technologies work well with each other, and also with more established approaches.

The roles of established data management techniques – such as data governance, data quality and master data management – gain even greater significance given the desire to process and analyze data from previously ignored sources.

By adopting an approach we call ‘Total Data Integration,’ a company not only gets a complete picture of its business, customers and products, but it can derive new insights that weren’t possible when only structured data was brought into the mix.

The latest long-format report from the Information Management team – Total Data Integration – outlines the key drivers shaping this sector and highlights the role that integration and governance technologies will play in enabling the analysis of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

It explains how established vendors and emerging startups alike are responding to the increased complexity of Total Data analytics by enabling integration of these various data sources. The report also explores new approaches to data integration, including the role of Hadoop.

The Data Day, A few days: October 12-18 2013

Apache Hadoop 2 goes GA. Teradata cuts guidance. And more

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: April 29-May 3 2013

Teradata Q1 disappoints. Actian acquires ParAccel. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, Two days: September 17/18 2012

Google’s Spanner. Acunu. OpTier. Opera. MarkLogic. And more.

And that’s the Data Day, today.

The Data Day, Two days: August 9/10 2012

HP’s Autonomy problem. Excel 2013. And more.

And that’s the Data Day, today.

The Data Day, Today: Feb 29 2012

Microsoft and Hortonworks expand Hadoop partnership. Oracle ships Exalytics. And more.

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* Hortonworks to Bring Apache Hadoop to Millions of New Users Hortonworks and Microsoft expanded their relationship around Apache Hadoop.

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# Big Data for Everyone: Using Microsoft’s Familiar BI Tools with Hadoop
# Microsoft’s Hadoop roadmap reveals new big data deliverables
# Karmasphere Expands Big Data Analytics on Hadoop in the Enterprise
# Datameer to Bring Hadoop Analytics to Windows Azure
# HStreaming Brings Real-Time Analytics to Microsoft’s Hadoop-based Services for Windows Server and Windows Azure

* Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

* Fujitsu Releases “Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server V1.0” to Help Enterprises Utilize Big Data

* Pentaho and DataStax announce strategic partnership delivering the first complete Apache Cassandra-based big data analytics solution to the market

* Cloudant Names Andy Palmer to its Board of Directors

* R integrated throughout the enterprise analytics stack

* Jaspersoft Announces Big Data Index to Track Demand for Big Data Analytics

* 1010data Enables Companies to Rapidly Model and Predict Individual Consumer Behavior and Social Network Relationships

* Tableau Software Teams with Attivio to Tap Unstructured Content and Deliver Deeper Insight to Business Users

* Infochimps and the Future of Data Marketplaces “This is the clearest indication yet that data marketplaces may be the latest ‘Application Service Provider’ cycle, as in right idea, wrong time.”

* HStreaming and RainStor Partner to Lower the Cost of Big-Data Analytics on Hadoop

* JustOne Database Sets the Stage for Accelerated Growth in 2012 and Beyond

* Big Data investment map

* A group of Google Engineers released “vitess” – a project to help scale MySQL databases.

* For 451 Research clients

# Reassessing the M&A potential of NoSQL and NewSQL Sector IQ report

# Sears Holdings creates Hadoop managed service provider MetaScale Impact Report

# Datawatch turns the corner with focus on report analytics suite Impact Report

# arcplan details growth plan, as it expands into front end for SAP HANA and social BI Impact Report

# Objectivity adds reusable queries to InfiniteGraph NoSQL database Market Development Report

# Host Analytics illuminates cloud performance management growth strategy and roadmap Market Development Report

And that’s the Data Day, today.

The Data Day, today: Jan 5 2012

Apache Hadoop 1.0. The future of CouchDB (or Couchbase anyway). And more.

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* The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Hadoop v1.0 Self-explanatory.

* The Future of CouchDB Apache CouchDB creator Damien Katz explains why he is focusing his attention on Couchbase Server.

* Understanding Microsoft’s big-picture plans for Hadoop and Project Isotope Mary Jo Foley parses Alexander Stojanovic’s presentation.

* MongoDB Extends Leadership in NoSQL 10gen claims more than 400 commercial customers.

* 1010data’s Unique Big Data Analytics Platform Sees Stunning Growth in 2011 1010data runs the numbers on its adoption in 2011.

* TouchDB 1.0 is out TouchDB is a lightweight CouchDB-compatible database engine suitable for embedding into mobile apps.

* Data Scientist = Rock Star, Really? Virginia Backaitis is sceptical.

* Swimming with Dolphins Splunk’s connector for MySQL.

* What the Sumerians can teach us about data Pete Warden finds data inspiration at the British Museum.

* How To (Not) Get Smart About Big Data Wim Rampen on the importance of filtering noise.

* For 451 Research clients

# Total Data: exploratory analytic platforms Spotlight report

# Apache Hadoop reaches version 1.0, with more to come Analyst note

# Acunu hones focus on ‘big data’ platform for operational analytics Market development report

# Jaspersoft gets big into ‘big data,’ illuminates BI business momentum Market development report

* Google News Search outlier of the day: “Bella” Becomes Most Popular Name for Both Dogs and Cats

And that’s the Data Day, today.