The Data Day: May 29, 2020

451 Research survey shows why some database workloads remain on-premises. And more.

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The Data Day: May 1, 2020

451 Research publishes latest Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics survey results

And that’s the Data Day, today.

NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – An Interesting Occasional Update

I was recently prompted by OrientDB CEO Luca Garulli to take another look at the NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, which we previously updated on a regular basis between September 2012 and 2015.

I wouldn’t read too much into the results since there’s been such a long period between updates, and this is – as ever – just a snapshot of one particular data source. However, they are definitely interesting, especially when you consider that we retired the NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index primarily because the results had become so boringly predictable.

As such I’d make the following observations without any additional comment:

  • It is interesting to note that MongoDB’s share of mentions of NoSQL databases in LinkedIn member profiles has declined since September 2015, from 51% to 48%. Of course, MongoDB remains the number one by a considerable margin.
  • It is also interesting to note that Redis has climbed above Cassandra to claim second spot.
  • Similarly it is interesting that Neo4j has climbed above CouchDB for fifth place.
  • And it is also interesting that DynamoDB has overtaken Couchbase for eighth place.
  • It is also interesting that the two fastest growing NoSQL databases, in terms of mentions in LinkedIn profiles, are Google Cloud Bigtable (up 557%) and Azure DocumentDB (up 254%).
  • And it is also interesting that the third fastest growth came from RethinkDB, despite the recent demise of the company of the same name.
  • Those growth rates saw Google Clooud Bigtable climb above Voldemort, ArangoDB, Hypertable and Allegrograph, while Azure DocumentDB climbed above Titan and Voldemort, and RethinkDB climbed above Titan and Accumulo.

Since Luca prompted another look at the results, I should also probably point out that mentions of OrientDB grew at a healthy 83% as OrientDB held on to 11th place in the Index.


NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – June 2015

MongoDB has maintained its feat from last quarter of being responsible for more than 50% of all mentions of NoSQL database in LinkedIn member profiles.

june doughnut

As with Q1 there were once again three changes of position in the rankings in Q2. DynamoDB overtook Riak to claim eighth place, having also gained a place (on MarkLogic) in the previous quarter.

Further down the list ArangoDB also gained a place for the second successive quarter – this time on AllegroGraph, while Titan gained a place on Voldemort. As noted in the previous blog post, FoundationDB has been removed from the analysis following its acquisition.

The fastest growth in the quarter was recorded by RethinkDB, with mentions up 46.1%, followed by multi-model players OrientDB (33%) and ArangoDB (32.7%), as well as Aerospike (26%). Inside the top ten, DynamoDB had the fastest growth (17.0%).

june index

Of course, we would also note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a snapshot of one particular data source.