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The Data Day, A few days: July 18-25 2014

HP invests in Hortonworks, Teradata acquires Hadapt and Revelytix. And more

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: July 10-17 2014

Introducing the Total Data Warehouse. And more

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The Data Day, A few days: July 1-9 2014

Databricks and Spark. Total Data Warehousing. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – June 2014

There isn’t a great deal of movement in the June update to our NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, which tracks mentions of NoSQL database in NoSQL member profiles. At the tail-end of the list FoundationDB jumped a place above InfiniteGraph and can be expected to gain another place on Sparksee in the next quarter, but otherwise it’s very much ‘as you were’.

Q3 could also see OrientDB overtake Aerospike, unless the recent release of Aerospike as open source his an immediate impact on interest levels. FoundationDB was among those with the fastest growth rates in Q2 at 35.0%, although the faster growth came from ArangoDB (48.0%) followed by RethinkDB (36.6%), Titan (27.1%) and Couchbase (18.9%).


Once again MongoDB was the most popular NoSQL database by a considerable margin, representing 49% of all LinkedIn member profiles mentioning a NoSQL project.


Of course, we would also note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a snapshot of one particular data source.