Updated Data Platforms Map – January 2016

The January 2016 edition of the 451 Research Data Platforms Map is now available for download.

Initially designed to illustrate the complexity of the data platforms market, the latest version includes an updated index to help you navigate the complex array of current data platform providers.


There are numerous additions compared to the previous map, especially in the area of event/stream processing while we have also reconsidered our approach to Hadoop-as-a-service, narrowing it down to distinct Hadoop offerings rather than hosted Hadoop distributions.

We have also tried to clean up or approach to the convergence of Hadoop and search, although that remains a bit of a work in progress, to be honest. There’s also something in there for eagle-eyed Silicon Valley fans.

You can use this map to:

  • compare capabilities, offerings, and functionality.
  • understand where providers intersect and diverge.
  • identify shortlists of choices to suit enterprise needs.

The latest version of the map can be downloaded here.

Updated Data Platforms Landscape Map – February 2014

A slightly new name and a major update for our Data Platforms Landscape Map, now including log management, stream processing and in-memory.

Note: the latest update to the map is available here.

Updated Database Landscape map – June 2013

I am planning on doing a major overhaul of this during the second half of the year, with a specific focus on the Hadoop sector, but in the interim, here’s the latest June 2013 update to our Database Landscape map.

Note: the latest update to the map is available here.

Updated Database Landscape map – February 2013

I have no real intention of turning our Database Landscape Map into something that is updated on a monthly basis, but there were a number of significant modifications and additions to the original December 2012 version that I wasn’t able to address for our January 2013 update for 451 clients.

So here, then, is the February 2013 version:

Note: the latest update to the map is available here.

Database Landscape Map – December 2012

As previously mentioned, one of my most popular pieces of research while at 451 has been the database landscape graphic we produced for our NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond report.

I recently published an updated version but noted that there were a group of database vendors that had emerged in 2012 that didn’t easily fit into the segments we’d created.

In order to address that I went back to the drawing board and, taking inspiration from London Underground and The Real Story Group, set about mapping the connections between the various players in the database space.

Note: the latest update to the map is available here.

I’ll be honest – I’m not convinced that this is as practically useful as the original, although I believe it is more accurate and it was an exhausting interesting exercise to put it together.

If anyone spots any glaring omissions or errors please keep them to yourself let us know. Additionally, the image is also available on posters, mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads, for a small fee 🙂

Of course, if you’re looking for some perspective on what this all means, I can recommend one of our highly competitive subscription packages