The Data Day, A few days: May 15-19 2014

Hortonworks acquires XA Secure. And more

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: February 22-28 2014

451 Research Data Platforms and Analytics – 2014 Research Agenda. And more

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, Two days: February 7/8 2013

Teradata results. Funding for DataXu. The chemistry of data. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, Today: May 8 2012

IBM acquires Vivisimo. Funding for Birst, ParAccel, Metamarkets and DataSift. And more.

An occasional series of data-related news, views and links posts on Too Much Information. You can also follow the series @thedataday.

* For 451 Research clients

# IBM picks up Vivisimo to search for value in ‘big data’ Deal Analysis

# Teradata delivers on analytic cloud vision with Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud Impact Report

# The Big Blue picture for ‘big data’ analytics: IBM sheds light on BigSheets Impact Report

# Oversight Systems’ Continuous Analysis extracts actionable insight from data Impact Report

# Kalido updates MDM offering with business users, operationalizing master data in mind Impact Report

# Delphix reaps reward from agile approach to database virtualization Impact Report

# Automated Insights looks to pitch narrative, visuals and stats to enterprises Impact Report

# myDIALS eyes indirect sales in quest to be Internet access layer for analytics Impact Report

* IBM Advances Big Data Analytics with Acquisition of Vivisimo Also announces support for Cloudera.

* Teradata Announces 2012 First Quarter Results Revenue up 21% (PDF)

* Actuate Reports First Quarter 2012 Financial Results Revenue up 9% (PDF)

* Birst Secures $26 Million in Financing Led By Sequoia Capital

* ParAccel Closes Record Q1 Revenues and $20 Million Investment Round

* Metamarkets Raises $15 Million to Deliver Data Science-as-a-Service

* DataSift adds $7.2M: The story so far and focus for the future

* Teradata to Acquire eCircle (PDF)

* Google BigQuery brings Big Data analytics to all businesses

* TIBCO Spotfire Brings the Power of Data Discovery to Big Data and Extreme Information

* Jaspersoft Teams with VMware To Deliver Business Intelligence for Data-Driven Cloud Applications

* Kalido and Teradata Sign Global Reseller Agreement

* Actuate Announces Cloudera Alliance to Support Apache Hadoop and BIRT Developers in Big Data Integration

* Hortonworks and Kognitio Announce Technical Partnership Driving Apache Hadoop Adoption in Big Data Analytics Implementations

* Tokutek and PalominoDB Partner to Bring Scale, Performance to Database Deployments

* Acunu is pleased to announce v2 of the Acunu Data Platform!

* Is Yahoo really threatening memcached and Open Compute?

* Introducing Zend DBi as a MySQL Replacement on IBM i

* Zettaset and Hyve Solutions Build First Fully Integrated Enterprise OS Hadoop Solution

* Cloudera Announces New Japanese Subsidiary

* Bull Announces the Formation of Database Migration Business Unit

* Couchbase to Run Native with Key-Value API for ioMemory

* The Big Data Value Continuum

* Big Data is Business Intelligence plus Attention Deficit Disorder

* Nokia released Dempsy an open source stream data processing platform.

And that’s the Data Day, today.

The Data Day, Today: Jan 10 2012

Oracle OEMs Cloudera. The future of Apache CouchDB. And more.

An occasional series of data-related news, views and links posts on Too Much Information. You can also follow the series @thedataday.

* Oracle announced the general availability of Big Data Appliance, and an OEM agreement with Cloudera for CDH and Cloudera Manager.

* The Future of Apache CouchDB Cloudant confirms intention to integrate the core capabilities of BigCouch into Apache CouchDB.

* Reinforcing Couchbase’s Commitment to Open Source and CouchDB Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold attempts to clear up any confusion.

* Hortonworks Appoints Shaun Connolly to Vice President of Corporate Strategy Former vice president of product strategy at VMware.

* Splunk even more data with 4.3 Introducing the latest Splunk release.

* Announcement of Percona XtraDB Cluster (alpha release) Based on Galera.

* Bringing Value of Big Data to Business: SAP’s Integrated Strategy Forbes interview with with Sanjay Poonen, President and corporate officer of SAP Global Solutions.

* New Release of Oracle Database Firewall Extends Support to MySQL and Enhances Reporting Capabilities Self-explanatory.

* Big data and the disruption curve “Many efforts are being funded by business units and not the IT department and money is increasingly being diverted from large enterprise vendors.”

* Get your SQL Server database ready for SQL Azure Microsoft “codename” SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment.

* An update on Apache Hadoop 1.0 Cloudera’s Charles Zedlewski helpfully explains Apache Hadoop branch numbering.

* Xeround and the CAP Theorem So where does Xeround fit in the CAP Theorem?

* Can Yahoo’s new CEO Thompson harness big data, analytics? Larry Dignan thinks Scott Thompson might just be the right guy for the job.

* US Companies Face Big Hurdles in ‘Big Data’ Use “21% of respondents were unsure how to best define Big Data”

* Schedule Your Agenda for 2012 NoSQL Events Alex Popescu updates his list of the year’s key NoSQL events.

* DataStax take Apache Cassandra Mainstream in 2011; Poised for Growth and Innovation in 2012 The usual momentum round-up from DataStax.

* Objectivity claimed significant growth in adoption of its graph database, InfiniteGraph and flagship object database, Objectivity/DB.

* Cloudera Connector for Teradata 1.0.0 Self-explanatory.

* For 451 Research clients

# SAS delivers in-memory analytics for Teradata and Greenplum Market Development report

# With $84m in funding, Opera sets out predictive-analytics plans Market Development report

* Google News Search outlier of the day: First Dagger Fencing Competition in the World Scheduled for January 14, 2012

And that’s the Data Day, today.

Innovation vs. M&A at Yahoo

Now that the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo is done, it got me thinking more about Yahoo and it’s position as a pioneer of the web. That it was one is not in doubt; its directory was indeed a first and useful. But how much else did it actually pioneer? Have a look at a list of Yahoo’s acquisitions.

  • Search – surely the cornerstone of the business, yet its very first search engine was licensed from Open Text in 1995. Sure, it went on to build its own and do some great work, but now with the deal done with Microsoft, Yahoo has exited the search business.
  • Webmail – I recall getting a great Yahoo email address when that came out in 1997; it was a pioneer, but it got there by purchasing and its RocketMail service . Now my account is overrun with spam and unusable (yet the company has the temerity to regularly threaten to cut me off for having too much mail and not using it enough, all of which is spam that its own spam filters can’t control. Hmmm.)
  • Personal publishing – it was an early major player in personal publishing now called blogging, but again it got there largely by purchasing GeoCities for an enormous amount of Yahoo stock.
  • Advertising – it pioneered banner ads on the web but as we all know but caught out by keyword search innovation from Google (which it built, rather than bought). And it had to buy Overture from Idealab.
  • Rich media – the deal unleashed Mark Cuban on an unsuspecting world.
  • Photos – to its credit and bought Flickr and then largely left it alone
  • Social bookmarking – same goes for

But if the rest that can be said for it is that Yahoo knew when to leave its acquired companies alone, to give them space to grow and continue innovating then all that’s left is a dwindling brand and company with some choice assets left intact for others to pick up over time. As this article pointed out recently, many of these acquired assets have been closed down, some only after a few years.

There is still innovation happening within Yahoo, plenty of it and I wish the folks at Yahoo working in the labs on some great semantic technology, among other things the best of luck. But touting a new home page just last week doesn’t give me much hope that Yahoo really gets the distributed, read/write Web. Who cares about home pages?

And of course Yahoo isn’t going anywhere soon, it has plenty of cash in the bank and a new revenue stream courtesy of Microsoft. But I doubt it will last out the 10 years of this deal.

One of things all this demonstrates is that M&A is different in different parts of the tech industry. In enterprise software quite often a company is buying a customer base and its ongoing maintenance stream – this is how Oracle has grown. But on the web with people not paying you directly and with very low (to nil) switching costs to another search engine, serving up a different set of ads, things are very different and you have to focus on core competences, not run after each new fad just as it’s peaking and buy your way into it.