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The Data Day, A few days: May 27-31 2013

Hortonworks updates Data Platfom. Wise.io launches. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

Forthcoming webinar: Beyond Big Data

It has become very fashionable in recent months to highlight the limitations of ‘big data’ as a concept for describing the multiple changes happening in the data management and analytics landscape. As such, we were perhaps ahead of the game when we introduced our concept of Total Data Management in December 2010 to describe the drivers behind the adoption of new approaches to data management beyond a collection of words beginning with V.

On June, 4 2013 at 09:00am PT I’ll be taking part in a webinar in association with Talend to explain Total Data Management and its relation to big data and provide examples of how enterprises are adopting both big data storage and processing technologies to achieve total data management.

I’ll explain how Total Data Management describes how the adoption of new technologies to store and process big data is driven not just by the nature of the data, but also by the user’s particular data processing requirements, including storing and processing data in its entirety, exploratory analytic approaches, more frequent analysis, and dependency on existing tools and skills.

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The Data Day, A few days: May 20-24 2013

WibiData and Alteryx announce funding. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

Forthcoming webinar: data discovery accelerating advances in cancer treatment

I’ll be taking part in a webinar on Thursday May 30th at 11:00am PST, in association with YarcData, on the subject of how rapid data discovery can help deal with big data challenges.

I’ll be explaining how large scale graph analytics can harness the power of ‘big data’ and bring business-focused solutions to enterprises by exploring patterns in data to prompt new questions and enable new business insight.

I’ll be joined by Ilya Shmulevich, who serves as a professor for the Institute for Systems Biology and directs a Genome Data Analysis Center as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).

Ilya will explain how ISB is using graph analytics and data discovery to accelerate advances in cancer treatment by identifying existing drugs which are candidates to be re-purposed to treat cancer.

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Forthcoming webinar: Spice Up Your Big Data & BI Apps with a Little Variety

On Wednesday, May 29 at 12:00 PM ET I’ll be taking part in a webinar with Datawatch on the subject of adding variety to your business intelligence applications.

As the worlds of business intelligence and big data begin to converge, just getting information from traditional sources like databases and data warehouses is not going to deliver a complete view of what’s impacting your business.

To truly get a 360 degree view of what’s driving your business today you are going to need to deal with data volume, velocity and variety in your business intelligence solutions.

This means incorporating information from unstructured and semi-structured sources like external reports, PDF files, EDI streams, Log files, XBRL sources and a host of other data types that are part of the fabric of today’s information potpourri.

I will discuss the origins of big data and how it is changing the database landscape and how 451 Research’s related concept of Total Data, describing new approaches to processing and analyzing data, can help you to think big but start small to get your big data projects up and running.

O’ll be joined by Jon Pilkington, VP of Products from Datawatch, who will describe how Datawatch can help you spice up your BI and Big Data solutions with the Datawatch Information Optimization platform.

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The Data Day, A few days: May 13-May 17 2013

Tableau IPOs. Funding for EdgeSpring, Cloudant LucidWorks, and GraphLab

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: May 7-May 10 2013

Clustrix raises $16.5m Teradata gets Intelligent Memory. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

The Data Day, A few days: April 29-May 3 2013

Teradata Q1 disappoints. Actian acquires ParAccel. And more.

And that’s the data day, today.

Everything you ever wanted to know about big data in 180 minutes, with coffee

On the afternoon of Tuesday May 14 at Enterprise Search Europe in London I will be running a mini-workshop on the Challenges of Big Data.

The format is a little different to the presentations and webinars we usually get involved with, but the three-hour timescale gives us the opportunity to do a really deep dive into the trend of big data, its associated technologies, and the potential impact on the data management landscape. As such the session could effectively be titled ‘everything you ever wanted to know about big data in 180 minutes’.

Attendees will have exclusive access to our latest thoughts and concepts in this fast-moving space. The workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in the concept of big data, its related technologies and how it will affect their business, and will give you:

  • A thorough, hype-free introduction to the concept of ‘big data’
  • An overview of the technical, business and cultural trends that are changing the way enterprises store, process and analyse data
  • An understanding of how ‘big data’ technologies complement and/or compete with traditional data warehousing and analytics technologies
  • Examples of enterprise deployments of Hadoop and related best practices
  • An overview of how search and machine-learning technologies relate to ‘big data’

There will also be coffee 🙂

I will also be providing An Overview of Big Data during the main Enterprise Search Europe Conference Programme on Thursday at 9am, but those who attend the workshop on Tuesday will get the really good stuff.

For full details of Enterprise Search Europe, and to register for the workshops, please click here.