The Data Day: August 30, 2016

What happened in data and analytics this week will astound you

For 451 Research clients: NewSQL databases: a definitive guide

For 451 Research clients: With Atlas, MongoDB jumps into hosted NoSQL DBaaS waters By Jim Curtis

For 451 Research clients: DataStax rolls graph into DSE 5.0, highlights NoSQL multi-models By Jim Curtis

For 451 Research clients: Looker illuminates its analytics business and platform strategy By Krishna Roy

For 451 Research clients: Arcadia looks to simplify security for Hadoop analysis, lands Rackspace as reseller By Krishna Roy

For 451 Research clients: With $30m in funding, Vena looks to expand its cloud service to an enterprise platform By Krishna Roy

For 451 Research clients: Stitch emerges from RJMetrics with ETL as a service following cloud BI sale

For 451 Research clients: CMC Markets sees promising self-service results with new ‘Google-like’ BI tool By Jason Stamper

Tableau appointed Adam Selipsky as new CEO

Splunk reported a net loss of $86.6m on Q2 revenue up 43% to $212.8m

Salesforce signs agreement to acquire BeyondCore

Magnitude Software acquired Simba Technologies

SAP is reportedly acquiring Altiscale for over $125m

Syncsort acquires Cogito to enhance mainframe data access

Galactic Exchange closes seed financing round

Teradata makes Aster Analytics available on Hadoop and Teradata Aster Analytics on Amazon Web Services

JSON support is generally available in Azure SQL Database

Red Hat launches Red Hat Virtualization 4

SnapLogic launches Summer 2016 release of its SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform

AWS releases Amazon Kinesis Analytics

AWS licenses SQLstream technology for Amazon Kinesis Analytics service

Percona delivers open source in-Memory storage engine for Percona Server for MongoDB

Riversand launches MDMCenter v7.8

WANdisco announces the release of WANdisco Fusion 2.9

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The Data Day: August 10, 2016

What happened in data and analytics this week will shock you

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The Data Day, A few days: August 8-21 2014

Preparing for the new guard in data preparation. And more

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The Data Day, Two days: November 30/December 3 2012

451 perspectives on RedShift and Precog. And more

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The Data Day, Today: Jan 27 2012

Amazon launches AWS Storage Gateway. Postgres Plus Cloud Server. And more.

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* Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Storage Gateway to Connect Enterprise Data with the Cloud

* EnterpriseDB Announces Availability of Postgres Plus Cloud Database

* Big VCs Invest In Big Data Startup Continuuity

* At Davos, Discussions of a Global Data Deluge

* Zimory Names New Head of zimory®scale; the Cloud Database Elasticity Division

* Jaspersoft’s Java Reporting Engine Integrated with Cloud Foundry

* IBM Debuts New Analytics Appliance to Help Retailers Transform Big Data Into Business Opportunities

* The Mass Technology Leadership Council published its report on big data and analytics.

* Apache HBase 0.92.0 has been released

* Is Security An Afterthought For NoSQL?

* What’s the big deal about Big Data?

* Hadoop Summit 2012 Announced to Showcase Apache Hadoop as Next Generation Enterprise Data Platform

* Announcing BigCouch 0.4

* Microsoft’s plan for Hadoop and big data

* Google Goes MoreSQL With Tenzing – SQL Over MapReduce

* Seismic Data Science: Reflection Seismology and Hadoop

* GoodData Posts Record-Breaking 600% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth In 2011

* For 451 Research clients

# 2012 M&A Outlook – Software Assessing the runners and riders for M&A and IPOs in 2012

# RJMetrics scores $1.2m debt funding, sets out SaaS BI stall Impact report

* Google News Search outlier of the day: Pork Tenderloin: A Healthy Eating Hero

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