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The Data Day, Two days: December 20/21 2012

Data management and analytics in 2013. And more

And that’s the Data Day, today.

Database Landscape Map – December 2012

As previously mentioned, one of my most popular pieces of research while at 451 has been the database landscape graphic we produced for our NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond report.

I recently published an updated version but noted that there were a group of database vendors that had emerged in 2012 that didn’t easily fit into the segments we’d created.

In order to address that I went back to the drawing board and, taking inspiration from London Underground and The Real Story Group, set about mapping the connections between the various players in the database space.

Note: the latest update to the map is available here.

I’ll be honest – I’m not convinced that this is as practically useful as the original, although I believe it is more accurate and it was an exhausting interesting exercise to put it together.

If anyone spots any glaring omissions or errors please keep them to yourself let us know. Additionally, the image is also available on posters, mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads, for a small fee 🙂

Of course, if you’re looking for some perspective on what this all means, I can recommend one of our highly competitive subscription packages

The Data Day, Two days: December 18/19 2012

GenieDB, Qubole, EdgeSpring, CouchDB, and more

And that’s the Data Day, today.

NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – December 2012

Time again to take a look at our NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, based on the number of LinkedIn member profiles mentioning each of the NoSQL projects. This is the first update since we rebooted the analysis in September to account for more products and refine our search terms.


On the face of it not a lot has changed in the last quarter, although there are a few interesting statistics to pick out. For instance, Neo4j is now practically tied for sixth place with MarkLogic and can be expected to overtake it in Q1 2013. Outside the top ten shown above, Apache Accumulo has gained two places – overtaking Aerospike and Hypertable.

In fact, Apache Accumulo showed the fastest rate of growth in mentions between September and December, just ahead of DynamoDB and OrientDB, followed by Couchbase and MongoDB.

MongoDB’s growth means that it has cemented its place as the most popular NoSQL database, according to LinkedIn profile mentions. As the chart below illustrates, it now accounts for 45% of all mentions of NoSQL technologies in LinkedIn profiles, according to our sample, compared with 43% in September.


The Data Day, Two days: December 14/17 2012

MariaDB Foundation, VMware-Cetas, MemCachier. And more

And that’s the Data Day, today.

The Data Day, Two days: December 12/13 2012

Total Data Analytics. Couchbase Server 2.0. And more

And that’s the Data Day, today.

New 451 Research report: Total Data Analytics

451 Research’s Information Management practice has published its latest long-format report: Total Data Analytics. Written by Krishna Roy, Analyst, BI and Analytics, along with myself, it examines the impact of ‘big data’ on business intelligence and analytics.

The growing emphasis on ‘big data’ has focused unprecedented attention on the potential of enterprises to gain competitive advantage from their data, helping to drive adoption of BI/analytics beyond the retail, financial services, insurance and telecom sectors.

In 2011 we introduced the concept of ‘Total Data‘ to reflect the path from the volume, velocity and variety of big data to the all-important endgame of deriving maximum value from that data. Analytics plays a key role in deriving meaningful insight – and therefore, real-world business benefits – from Total Data.

In short, big data and Total Data are changing the face of the analytics market. Advanced analytics technologies are no longer the preserve of MBAs and ‘stats geeks,’ as line-of-business managers and others increasingly require this type of analysis to do their jobs.

Total Data Analytics outlines the key drivers in the analytics sector today and in the coming years, highlighting the technologies and vendors poised to shape a future of increased reliance on offerings that deliver on the promise of analyzing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

The report also takes a look at M&A activity in the analytics sector in 2012, as well as the history of investment funding involving Hadoop, NoSQL and Hadoop-based analytics specialists. It also contains a list of 40 vendors we believe have the greatest potential to shape the market in the coming years.

The report is available now to 451 Research clients, here. Non-clients can get more information and download an executive summary from the same link.

The Data Day, Two days: December 10/11 2012

451’s perspective on ScaleArc, RethinkDB, Tableau. And more.

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The Data Day, Two days: December 6/7 2012

Cloudera raises $65m. HP launches Hadoop AppSystem. And more

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The Data Day, Two days: December 4/5 2012

EMC/VMware make Pivotal move. Funding for ClearStory. And more

And that’s the Data Day, today.