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Early Case Assessment webinar this week

Early case assessment – the most prevalent buzzword in e-Discovery int he past 12 months, I’d wager – is the subject of a webinar I’m doing this week with StoredIQ.

The main point I’ll be making that in order for ECA to be useful then it truly needs to be early; there is little point in waiting until the review stage, when high-fee lawyers are busy plowing through the information.

At that point you’re already incurring the costs of full review, so if you’re still in the process of culling .exe or .dll files from the stack then you’re wasting a lot of money, while also increasing your risk exposure of sensitive information leaving the enterprise when it doesn’t have to.

Webinar Title: Early Case Assessment – When Earlier Really Matters
Date: January 27, 2010
Time: 3:00 PM (ET)

You can register for the webinar here.

Take our eDiscovery/eDisclosure survey – win a prize!

Well, you may not view it as a prize, but if you complete our e-Discovery/e-Disclosure end user survey, you will receive a copy of the survey results in return for your time. I didn’t make that clear in the earlier post, so wanted to rectify that.

The survey is here and it should take you no more than 10 minutes – time that we greatly appreciate.

New year, new e-Discovery research & survey

We are embarking on an update to our e-Discovery report that we published in December 2008, called e-Discovery & e-Disclosure: this market is now in session. We aim to publish this new report in late Q1. It will be fully up to date with the newest products and services from vendors and service providers, as many will update their offerings in and around LegalTech in New York in early February, which Katey Wood and I will be attending.

As part of that report we are aiming to generate what we think will be the largest end user survey conducted in this market. The survey is online and open to anyone (although it isn’t anonymous so we are able to filter out any non-relevant entries).

The link is here and if you’re an end user in the e-Discovery or e-Disclosure world, be it a lawyer (whether in a law firm or general counsel department), a project manager at a law firm, a litigation support specialist; in fact anything relevant to e-Discovery/e-Disclosure, we’d love for you to participate to make this a fully-informed survey.

Also if you can help us distribute the link to make it a more inclusive survey, please get in touch via Twitter – @nickpatience or @kwood451.