Text analysis market update, mid-2008

We’ve just produced a mid-year look at the state of the text analysis market, available to 451 customers here. In it we look at the major drivers now and in the future while giving assessments of the current state of the vendors we cover in this market.

The vendors discussed include Attensity, Autonomy Corp, Basis Technology, Business Objects (including Inxight), Clarabridge, IBM (including Cognos), Infonic, Intelligenxia, IxReveal , Lexalytics, Megaputer Intelligence, Microsoft (including FAST), Nstein Technologies, SAP, SAS Institute (including Teragram), SPSS, Temis, Teradata, Thomson Reuters (including ClearForest), & Viziant.

For those of you not yet customers (and why on earth not?!), its title reflects our belief that technically speaking, there’s not an enormous gulf between what the government intelligence folks have been doing to gather and understand text for years and the opportunities that text analysis can now address in all sorts of other, non-government markets.

In fact if we’d had room, we could have gone on to add ‘voice of the plaintiff, voice of the defendant, voice of the mechanic, voice of of the researcher, voice of the doctor,’ and so on.

But that wouldn’t have made for such a snappy title now, would it?

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#1 Manya Mayes on 07.21.08 at 2:06 pm

Analysis of consumer-generated media is ripe for picking! Health and Life Sciences should be considered an early adopter. A great use case here is of pharmaceutical manufacturers who are using text analysis/text mining to monitor research articles to identify key opinion leaders and related social networks for brand tracking purposes. This is an application that is not unlike terrorist tracking for saving human lives, spans many industries and is key to remaining competitive and saving product lives.