Autonomy buys Interwoven

Release is here. Autonomy is paying $775m cash, including a new loan.

Main drivers as we see it right now having just listened to the call:

  • eDiscovery and increasingly regulated environment.
  • Access to Interwoven’s rich customer base in the legal sector.
  • Adding automation to the content management process – think auto-tagging rather than manual tagging.
  • FRCP changes in 2006 forced companies to consider all their data and you can’ manage all your data manually.
  • Autonomy has changed its mind about content management for the reasons above.
  • Reward for Interwoven’s turnaround and refocusing efforts including in eDiscovery via the Discovery Mining acquisition.
  • Leaves other standalone content management players in an even worse position (e.g. Vignette).
  • Autonomy acquisition engine gets some more fuel; it’s looking more & more like a mini-Oracle every day, in all senses of that phrase.

More considered and deep analysis coming to 451 customers later today.

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#1 Kesney on 01.22.09 at 11:25 am

Autonomy owns Verity and Interwoven just dropped Verity, does this acquisition means 180 turn? Will Autonomy/Interwoven scrap vivissimo and go back to Verity? Is the latest version of Verity much better than the OEM verity that Interwoven was/is using?

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