W(h)ither Syndera

Recent attempts to reach business event processing vendor Syndera by email proved unsuccessful, and just as I was about to reach out by more traditional means comes speculation that the company has shut down. Certainly www.syndera.com appears to no longer be operational.

We previously noted that Tibco acquired ‘certain assets’ of the real-time BI software vendor for $1m in July, and those continue to be available in the form of the TIBCO Syndera Operation Suite.

As Marco Seiriö notes in his speculation, it is somewhat surprising that the company, which had raised over $20m in VC funding, only managed a return in the region of $1m. A sign of the times or a special case?

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#1 Marco Seiriö on 02.20.09 at 2:22 am

I think the strange thing is that this was done quietly. I found out about the Tibco transaction from 3rd party sources, not Tibco or Syndera. And then some googling gave only hints about the deal, as you write too. Then without a word Syndera web site just dies. Normally companies are *very* keen on notifying me that they bought something nice or was bought off by some big player. So my best guess is that there was something special behind this one and it’s not a sign of bad times to come for CEP companies. But I would not hold my breath if I were working in a CEP company whose best plan for survival is to be acquired. I’m kind of the old school where money comes from happy customers and nowhere else…

#2 Paul Vincent on 02.20.09 at 7:53 am

Hi Matt, I think it was you who broke the news in your “Who will get a complex about event processing?” report back in Sept 08. TIBCO’s first mention (other than SEC filings) was in http://tibcoblogs.com/cep/2008/10/29/business-rules-forum-2008-and-one-last-thing/ .

No doubt we will have more to say on this technology later on…


#3 The Syndera Journey | Cyberstrategics Complex Event Processing Blog on 02.23.09 at 8:07 am

[…] for approximately $1.0 million paid in cash and on November 12, 2008 TIBCO released Syndera 3.3.0. Marco Seiriö has mentioned that Syndera raised over $20M USD in funding; however, we could only find $15M in financing […]