Webinars & public speaking in next few weeks

Katey and I are doing a few webinars at the moment and I’m also speaking at a conference this week, so I just wanted to round them all up here:

One webinar is already in the bag, which Katey did with Digital Reef & legal service provider Precise-Law, entitled ‘The challenges of a  reactive vs. proactive EDRM in the Enterprise.’ A replay is available here.

I’m speaking at Search Solutions 2010 this week  on Oct 21. It’s a one-day event organized by the British Computer Society, which I attended last year as a non-speaker and it was very good, so I hope to be able to contribute to maintaining that high standard! I’m speaking at 11.45 am on ‘The trends shaping the future of enterprise search 2010-2013’ and then I’m participating on a panel at the end of the day on what search will look like in 2015. As I’m already making predictions through 2013, I’m three-fifths of the way there! Oct 21 is also the day of Autonomy’s Q3 results call so the place should be full of lively discussion regarding that.

Come November I’m doing a couple more webinars:

On Nov 11 I’m participating on one with Zylab, the focus of which will be litigation-readiness, moving beyond just eDiscovery to insuring organizations have their information in a state such that it can be easily searched, accessed, locked down, deleted or produced to an opposing party.

Also in November I’ll be participating in a webinar with Attensity Group, which will be focused on social media and the application of text analytics to that space. Date TBC and links to follow, most likely on my Twitter feed.

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#1 Search Specialist on 10.19.10 at 12:02 pm

Yes, Autonomy’s top management is trying to push stock up once again..the true problem with this company (I am still working with IDOL customers) is the total lack of support in all areas. Customers are unhappy, rotation of people is unhealthy and management is only interested in number of meetings and proposals and their weekly sales calls. Their technological heritage is great, management has done nice job in terms of growing business by acquisitions and next has to happen very soon otherwise growth story is in danger..

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