Data Analytics Summit NYC – Nov 18

Next week I will be attending and giving a presentation at the Data Analytics Summit in New York. The event has been put together by Aster Data to discuss advancements in big data management and analytic processing.

I’ll be providing an introductory overview with a “motivational” guide to big data analytics, having some fun with some of the clichés involved with big data, and also presenting our view of the main trends driving business and technological innovation in data analytics.

I’ll also be introducing some thoughts about the emergence of new business models based on turning data into new product opportunities, examining the idea of the data factory, and “data as the new oil”, as a well as data as a renewable energy source.

The event will also include presentations from Aster Data, as well as Barnes & Noble, comScore, Amazon Web Services, Sungard, MicroStrategy and Dell, with tracks focusing on financial services and Internet and retail.

For more details about the event, and to register, visit

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