Who is hiring Hadoop and MapReduce skills?

Continuing my recent exploration of Indeed.com’s job posting trends and data I have recently been taking a look at which organizations (excluding recruitment firms) are hiring Hadoop and MapReduce skills. The results are pretty interesting.

When it comes to who is hiring Hadoop skills, the answer, put simply, is Amazon, or more generally new media:

Source: Indeed.com Correct as of August 2, 2011

This is indicative of the early stage of adoption, and perhaps reflects the fact that many new media Hadoop adopters have chosen to self-support rather than turn to the Hadoop support providers/distributors.

It is no surprise to see those vendors also listed as they look to staff up to meet the expected levels of enterprise adoption (and it is worth noting that Amazon could also be included in the vendors category, given its Elastic MapReduce service).

Fascinating to see that of the vendors, VMware currently has the most job postings on Indeed.com referencing Hadoop, while Microsoft also makes an appearance.

Meanwhile the appearance of Northrop Grumman and Sears Holdings on this list indicates the potential for adoption in more traditional data management adopters, such as government and retail.

It is interesting to compare the results for Hadoop job postings with those mentioning Teradata, which shows a much more varied selection of retail, health, telecoms, and financial services providers, as well as systems integrators, government contractors, new media and vendors.

It is also interesting to compare Hadoop-related bog postings with those specifying MapReduce skills. There are a lot less of them, for a start, and while new media companies are well-represented, there is much greater interest from government contractors.

Source: Indeed.com Correct as of August 2, 2011

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#1 Andrew on 08.04.11 at 7:18 am

It would be interesting to compare this to organisations organising hadoop training of existing staff.

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