ILTA 2011 report: Autonomy taking HP to the e-Discovery cleaners?

Not surprisingly, the biggest topic of conversation at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2011 convention in Nashville is last week’s announcement by Hewlett-Packard (HP) that it was acquiring Autonomy for $11.8bn. The most common reaction–in addition to the rush out the door to buy HP’s now discontinued TouchPad for 99 bucks–was surprise at the healthy purchase price.  Although some ILTA attendees saw how the deal might make sense logistically, virtually no one thought the deal made any sense at all with such a high price tag for Autonomy.

Cloud computing–and law firms’ reluctant move toward it–is another big topic, but another trend that seems to be developing as the e-discovery industry matures is its move away from law firms. Many vendors are reporting that five years ago, their businesses were 70 percent or more in law firms, with the remaining 30 percent or less of the business with corporate clients. Vendors now report that those ratios have flipped, with corporate clients now making up the vast majority of business.

Although the e-discovery market may be shifting away from law firms, at least one vendor hasn’t forgotten them.  Exterro has announced at ILTA the launch of Fusion LawFirm. As the name implies, the new application is a version of Exterro’s Fusion platform designed especially for law firms.

Other vendors meeting with The 451 Group at ILTA to brief us on their product launches and other announcements are:

  • AccessData, which is launching its new early case assessment application, AD ECA
  • kCura and Nexidia, who announced their alliance where Nexidia’s audio and voice recognition application will be integrated into kCura’s Relativity platform
  • LexisNexis Applied Discovery, which made an ILTA announcement of its new partnership with Equivio to add predictive coding to its platform
  • LexisNexis LAW PreDiscovery with the launch of its new early case assessment (ECA) application, Early Data Analyzer
  • Nuix, which announced a new version of its platform last month
  • Orange Legal Technologies, which did an ILTA launch of PurpleBox, its new collection and ECA tool
  • Recommind, which discussed its predictive coding patent, and may have hosted ILTA’s best party at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Wave Software, which announced a new version of its Trident e-mail processing application.
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#1 Philip Favro on 08.26.11 at 12:45 pm

A particularly glaring omission from this summary is Symantec’s recent acquisition of Clearwell Systems. By adding the Clearwell Discovery Platform to its market leading archiving software (Enterprise Vault), Symantec now offers an end-to-end solution that can address an organization’s archiving and eDiscovery needs. Gartner recognized as much in a July 2011 report when it proclaimed that Symantec’s joint offering with Clearwell “represents the ultimate solution to unmanaged data.” With Symantec Enterprise Vault and the Clearwell Discovery Platform, an organization can streamline its information governance by quickly and easily deploying solutions that reduce costs and risks and scale to their needs.

#2 Nick Patience on 08.26.11 at 1:25 pm

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the comment. However please realize this was intended as a quick roundup of ILTA announcements, not a roundup of everything’s that’s going on in eDiscovery.

As far as I know, Symantec made no announcements re Clearwell during ILTA; if it did, we would have been all over it, covering it in the thorough way we’ve covered Clearwell and Symantec’s e-Discovery efforts for years for our clients (as I’m sure Gartner has done for its clients as well, though not quite in the way we do it ;)).

We’re looking forward to hearing more about Symantec-Clearwell just as soon as you’re ready.


#3 Philip Favro on 08.26.11 at 4:53 pm

Hi Nick. Thank you for your kind note and clarification. I really appreciate it. I look forward to discussing Symantec/Clearwell and other related issues with you in the future. My best wishes to you. ~Phil