Forthcoming webinar: Real Enterprise NoSQL Applications

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 10am PT (6pm GMT) I’ll be taking part in a webinar with DataStax CTO and Apache Cassandra project chair Jonathan Ellis on the subject of Apache Cassandra: Real NoSQL Applications in the Enterprise Today.

The session will shed light on real-world use cases for NoSQL databases by providing case studies from enterprise production users taking advantage of the massively scalable and highly-available architecture of Apache Cassandra.

I’ll be summarising some of the findings from our NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond research report, and exploring the drivers behind the development and adoption of NoSQL databases – explaining how the failure of existing suppliers to meet the performance, scalability and flexibility needs of large-scale data processing has led to the development and adoption of alternative data management technologies.

Jonathan will provide more detail on Apache Cassandra and DataStax, including a number of real-world projects including Netflix, Backupify, Ooyala and Constant Contact.

You can register for the event here and find more details about our NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond research report here.

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