The geographic distribution of NoSQL skills: Apache Cassandra and Riak

Following last week’s post putting the geographic distribution of Hadoop skills, based on a search of LinkedIn members, in context, this week we will be publishing a series of posts looking in detail at the various NoSQL projects.

The posts examine the geographic spread of LinkedIn members citing a specific NoSQL database in their member profiles, as of December 1, and provides an interesting illustration of the state of adoption for each.

Following yesterday’s look at Membase and HBase, part two examines the geographic spread of Apache Cassandra and Basho Technologies’ Riak.

The statistics showed that 52.2% of the 787 LinkedIn members with “Apache Cassandra” in their member profiles are based in the US (as previously explained, we had to use the ‘Apache’ qualifier with Cassandra to filer out people with the name Cassandra).

A significant proportion (18.0%) of those are in the Bay area, although fewer than Hadoop, Membase and HBase. The results also indicate that Canada is a hot-spot for Apache Cassandra skills, with 4.1%, while Apache Cassandra is also making in-roads into Europe via France and Spain.

Basho’s Riak is less dependent on the USA for adoption. The statistics showed that less than half – 45.5% – of the 376 LinkedIn members with “Riak” in their member profiles are based in the US, with only 13.0% in the Bay area.

Riak hot-spots include the UK (6.9%) and Australia (4.3%). as well as the Boston area, in keeping with the company’s HQ.

The series will continue later this week with MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4j, and Redis.

N.B. The size of the boxes is in proportion to the search result (click each image for a larger version). World map image: Owen Blacker

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