The geographic distribution of NoSQL skills: MongoDB and Redis

Following last week’s post putting the geographic distribution of Hadoop skills, based on a search of LinkedIn members, in context, this week we will be publishing a series of posts looking in detail at the various NoSQL projects.

The posts examine the geographic spread of LinkedIn members citing a specific NoSQL database in their member profiles, as of December 1, and provides an interesting illustration of the state of adoption for each.

We’ve already taken a look at Membase and HBase, and Apache Cassandra and Riak. Part three examines the geographic spread of 10gen’s MongoDB and Redis.

The statistics showed that 41.0% of the 6,048 LinkedIn members with “MongoDB” in their member profiles are based in the US, putting MongoDB is the top half of the table for geographic spread.

Only 11.2% are in the Bay area, fewer than Hadoop, Membase, HBase, Cassandra, Riak and Redis. The results also indicate that the New York area is a hot-spot for MongoDB skills, with 6.2% – as one might expect given the location of 10gen’s HQ. Other hot-spots include Brazil (4.2%) and Ukraine (2.8%).

Redis is even more widely adopted, with only 37% of the 2,152 LinkedIn members with “Redis” in their member profiles are based in the US, although 12.0% are in the Bay area.

Ukraine is also a hot-spot for Redis skills (3.8%) as is France (3.6%) and Spain (2.9%).

The series will conclude later this week with CouchDB, and Neo4j.

N.B. The size of the boxes is in proportion to the search result (click each image for a larger version). World map image: Owen Blacker

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