Our Total Data report is now totally available

…and it’s totally awesome.

Data volumes are exploding. Enterprises need better techniques to analyze, for example, IT management data or customer behavior statistics. The term ‘big data’ has emerged to describe new data management challenges posed by the growing volume, variety and velocity of data being produced by interactive applications and websites, as well as sensors, meters and other data-generating machines.

Our term ‘Total Data’ denotes a broad approach to data management that makes use of all available data, regardless of where it resides, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of business intelligence.

Total Data describes how users are deploying specialist data management technologies to maximize the benefit from individual operational or analytic workloads, while avoiding the creation of data silos by applying a unified approach to management that enables efficient data movement and integration.

This report examines the trends behind big data, as well as the new and existing technologies used to store and process this data, and outlines a Total Data management approach that is focused on selecting the most appropriate data storage and processing technology to deliver value from big data.

For more details of our Total Data report, and how to get it, see this page.

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