Membase + CouchOne =

I put this slide together for my own benefit as I was trying to keep track of the various incarnations of Couchbase’s brands. Looks like I wasn’t the only one, so I thought I’d also make our perspective available.

There are a couple of differences between our slide and Koji Kawamura’s:

Ours contains an extra layer of names (e.g. “Elastic Couchbase”) that were briefly used by Couchbase in discussion and I believe in marketing, although never for shipping product.

Also ours doesn’t mention memcached. It could be on there given that Membase is based on it, and Couchbase Server can still be deployed in “memcached only mode”, but in that sense it is a feature of Membase/Couchbase Server. And anyway, I couldn’t fit it on 🙂

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