Forthcoming Webinar: Real World Success from Big Data

The initial focus of ‘big data’ has been about its increasing volume, velocity and variety — the “three Vs” — with little mention of real world application. Now is the time to get down to business.

On Wednesday, May 30, at 9am PT I’ll be taking part in a webinar with Splunk to discuss real world successes with ‘big data’.

451 Research believes that in order to deliver value from ‘big data’, businesses need to look beyond the nature of the data and re-assess the technologies, processes and policies they use to engage with that data.

I will outline 451 Research’s ‘total data’ concept for delivering business value from ‘big data’, providing examples of how companies are seeking agile new data management technologies, business strategies and analytical approaches to turn the “three Vs” of data into actionable operational intelligence.

I’ll be joined by Sanjay Mehta, Vice President of Product Marketing at Splunk, which was founded specifically to focus on the opportunity of effectively getting value from massive and ever changing amounts of machine-generated data, one of the fastest growing and most complex segments of ‘big data’.

Sanjay will share big data achievements from three Splunk customers, Groupon, Intuit and CenturyLink. Using Splunk, these companies are turning massive volumes of unstructured and semi-structured machine data into powerful insights.

Register here.

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