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The Data Day, Two days: November 6/7 2012

Microsoft launches Hekaton, PolyBase. Appcelerator acquires Nodeable. And more

And that’s the Data Day, today.

The Data Day, Two days: November 2/5 2012

Neo raises $11m. Updated database landscape graphic. And more.

And that’s the Data Day, today.

Updated database landscape graphic

One of the most popular pieces I have produced since joining 451 is not a research report or presentation but the database landscape graphic that accompanied our NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond report.

We’ve seen it crop up in other presentations and websites – sometimes even with attribution 😉

We actually updated the image to accompany our more recent report MySQL vs. NoSQL and NewSQL: 2011-2015 but I realised that I haven’t made that newer version more generally available. So here it is:

We wouldn’t claim it to be perfect. There’s a whole new breed of data platform-as-a-service providers that have emerged in recent months that will need to be added, if we can find space for them.

Meanwhile there are a group of database vendors that have also emerged that don’t easily fit into the segments we’ve created: companies like Drawn to Scale, FoundationDB, Aerospike and Splice Machine.

But since the original graphic continues to be popular, I thought I’d share the latest iteration as well. Any feedback always welcome

The Data Day, Two days: October 31/November 1 2012

IBM refreshes analytics portfolio. Datameer bags Dell. And more.

And that’s the Data Day, today.