NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – June 2013

Four quarters have now passed since we rebooted our NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, based on the number of LinkedIn member profiles mentioning each of the NoSQL projects, giving us a good view of the relative growth of the various NoSQL databases in the past year.


A few interesting statistics to pick out: Cassandra has jumped ahead of Redis for second place, while outside the top ten, shown here, OrientDB climbed above Hypertable and DEX climbed above InfiniteGraph. Looking ahead, expect Riak to overtake MarkLogic in the next three months.

DynamoDB saw the greatest increase in terms of the number of mentions in LinkedIn profiles in the past three months, although it remains in 10th position. In terms of growth, DynamoDB was followed by OrientDB, Neo4j, Apache Accumulo and DEX.

However, MongoDB once again extended its lead as the most popular NoSQL database, according to LinkedIn profile mentions. As the chart below illustrates, it now accounts for 47% of all mentions of NoSQL technologies in LinkedIn profiles, according to our sample, compared with 46% in March.


Of course, we would also note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a snapshot of one particular data source.

Another significant data source that can provide a different perspective on the NoSQL market is our market-sizing revenue estimate. Stand-by for an update on our sizing estimates for the NoSQL, NewSQL, MySQL and DBaaS sectors in the coming weeks.

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