Forthcoming webinar: Hadoop in the cloud, with Qubole

On Tuesday November 26 at 11AM PDT I’ll be taking part in a webinar, Deploying Hadoop: Bare Metal or Cloud?, in association with Qubole.

I’ll be joined by Ashish Thusoo of Qubole (founder of Apache Hive), and between us we will outline the benefits of Hadoop implementation, examine common use cases for big data projects of various size and scope, and explain how Hadoop-as-a-Service removes complexity while adding much-needed functionality.

Among the topics we’ll cover:

  • Drivers behind the adoption of Hadoop, including interest in running Hadoop in the cloud
  • Explore the cost and utilization implications of running Hadoop on the cloud versus on-premises
  • 5 best practices to consider when deploying Hadoop infrastructure in the cloud – by Ashish Thusoo, who ran Facebook’s big data infrastructure team for several years.
  • Barriers to adoption for Hadoop-as-a-service and how they are being overcome by the emergence of new managed service offerings and providers.
  • What Big Data-as-a-Service means, and how it allows you to focus on data analysis and monetization (and less on infrastructure).

For more details, and to register, click here:

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