NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – December 2013

There’s an early end to the quarter for our NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, based on the number of LinkedIn member profiles mentioning each of the NoSQL projects, just as there was in 2012.

We predicted in Q3 that Couchbase would overtake MarkLogic this quarter, which came to pass, but were somewhat surprised to see Couchbase also leapfrog Riak to claim 7th place. It’s almost too close to call between the three, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see those places change hands in the coming quarters.


There were no other changes of position outside the top ten, although Titan is bearing down on Hypertable having recorded the fastest growth in Q4 (49.5%) and can be expected to gain a place in Q1 2014. The second fastest climber, in terms of mentions, was FoundationDB, followed by ArangoDB, RethinkDB and Apache Cassandra (the latter being particularly notable since it was the only one of the five fastest growers to also be one of the top ten most mentioned in LinkedIn member profiles).

That growth was of course not enough to close the gap on MongoDB as the most mentioned NoSQL database in LinkedIn member profiles, although for the first time MongoDB’s proportion of the overall total actually declined – from 49% in Q3 to 48%, upsetting our prediction that MongoDB would pass the 50% threshold in Q4.


It will be interesting to see whether MongoDB’s dominance declines again in Q1, although either way it retains a monumental lead over all the other NoSQL databases in terms of mentions in LinkedIn profiles.

Of course, we would also note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a snapshot of one particular data source.

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