NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – September 2014

Time for a new look for our NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, which tracks mentions of NoSQL database in LinkedIn member profiles, as it enters its third year. We’ve switched from a bar chart to a line chart to reduce clutter – at least on the horizontal plane.

Unfortunately the dominance of MongoDB means that the chart is inevitably cluttered on the low end of the vertical plane, but the line chart at least provides a clear illustration of that dominance.


There are a few other changes of note further down the list, with FoundationDB gaining a place on Sparksee (as predicted) thanks to it having the fastest rate of growth (40.74%) in Q3. ArangoDB also gained a place on InfiniteGraph thanks to recording the second fastest growth rate (37.84%).

We noted last time that Q3 could see OrientDB overtake Aerospike, unless the release of Aerospike as open source had an immediate impact on interest levels. That seems to have occurred, with Aerospike recording 23.80% growth to not only hold off OrientDB but gain ground on Voldemort, which looks likely to be overtaken by both Aerospike and OrientDB in Q4. Inside the top 10 there is also a chance that DynamoDB could overtake MarkLogic in Q4.

Titan (25.97%), RethinkDB (22.88%) and DynamoDB (22.85%) also deserve a mention in terms of growth in Q3, while Neo4j was the fastest growing of the top 10 with 17.99%. MongoDB was of course most popular NoSQL database by a considerable margin, once again accounting for 49% of all LinkedIn member profiles mentioning a NoSQL project.


Of course, we would also note that this is not meant to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a snapshot of one particular data source.

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