Variety, Velocity, and Volume: a Webinar with Azul Systems

This Wednesday, August 3, at 9 AM PDT I’ll be taking part in a Webinar with Azul Systems to discuss the performance challenges of big data in the enterprise. Here’s the details:

“Big Data” is a hot topic and the concept of “Big Data” is a useful frame for the challenges of scaling petabyte or terabyte data that typically cannot be addressed with traditional technologies. However, Big Data is no longer just a challenge for large social media companies – enterprise can also benefit from understanding when and how to apply these technologies and architectures.

In this Webinar Matthew Aslett of the 451 Group reviews the taxonomy of Big Data and explains how organizations are employing new data management technologies and approaches to ensure that they turn the data deluge into more accurate and efficient operations.

Gil Tene, CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems, will then highlight in greater detail the infrastructure and building block choices for enterprise architects and how to address the performance, scalability, and velocity challenges of Big Data in the enterprise.

Key takeways:

  • New strategies for integrating Big Data applications within your existing infrastructure and operations
  • Tradeoffs between capacity and performance
  • The importance and challenges of Java for Big Data in the enterprise.
  • To register for the event please visit the registration page.