Big Data and the Cloud: A Perfect Storm?

Next week at Cloud Expo Europe in London I’ll be giving a presentation – at 12.05 on January 29 to be precise – on the potential confluence of bog data and cloud computing.

Cloud computing is all about enabling frictionless adoption of low-cost, flexible compute and storage, while big data technologies such as Apache Hadoop enable low-cost, flexible data storage and processing. Hence many people seem to believe that cloud computing and big data have the potential to create a perfect storm of disruption.

However, 451 Research has been tracking the adoption of data management technologies on the cloud – and the lack of it – since relational databases became available on AWS in 2008, and the effect of the confluence of big data and the cloud would perhaps better be described as dead calm, rather than a perfect storm. Other than development and test environments, adoption has been limited.

In our presentation “Big Data and the Cloud: A Perfect Storm?” we will take a look at the factors that have restricted adoption of databases in the cloud to date, explain why we see the potential for cloud database growth in the coming years, and examine how the strategies of emerging Hadoop- and database-as-a-service providers are evolving to ensure that big data and the cloud combine to fulfil their potential to disruptive the IT landscape as we know it.