The Data Day, Two days: February 25/26 2013

EMC Pivotal HD. Hortonworks Hadoop for Windows. And more.

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The Data Day, Two days: January 29/30 2013

Actian acquires Pervasive. ObjectRocket has liftoff. And more.

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The Data Day, Two days: December 4/5 2012

EMC/VMware make Pivotal move. Funding for ClearStory. And more

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The Data Day, Two days: November 28/29 2012

Amazon and BitYota launch DWaaSes (DWaaSi?) Continuuity’s funding and plans. And more.

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The Data Day, Two days: September 21/24 2012

Alpine Data bags EMC. Infobright delivers appliance. And more.

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The Data Day, Two days: September 6/7 2012

StackIQ. Alpine Data. OpenDremel/Apache Drill. Memcachier. And more.

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Cisco and Informatica deals provide a boost for MapR

We recently speculated that EMC Greenplum’s focus on the integration of its Greenplum HD Hadoop distribution with its Data Computing Appliance (DCA) and Isilon storage technology would mean an increasingly niche role for Greenplum MR- the Hadoop distribution based on MapR’s M5.

Two recent announcements indicate that niche might continue to be a lucrative one for MapR, however. First, Cisco released details of a reference architecture for deploying Greenplum MR on Cisco’s UCS servers. Then Informatica announced a partnership with MapR to jointly support its Data Integration Platform running on MapR’s distribution for Hadoop.

The Informatica relationship also covers bi-directional data integration with Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica PowerExchange, snapshot replication using Informatica FastClone, and data streaming into MapR’s distribution via NFS using Informatica Ultra Messaging. In addition, In addition, the free Informatica HParser Community Edition will be available for download as part of the MapR distribution.

While the partnership with Informatica is a direct one for MapR, the Cisco reference architecture announcement illustrates that the benefit MapR gains from its relationship with EMC Greenplum includes exploiting the company’s leverage with potential partners.

The Data Day, Today: Mar 2 2012

Hortonworks partners with Talend. Teradata and Greenplum updates. And more.

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* Talend Empowers Apache Hadoop Community with Talend Open Studio for Big Data

* Hortonworks Announces Strategic Partnership With Talend to Bring World’s Most Popular Open Source Data Integration Platform to Apache Community Talend Open Studio for Big Data, will be bundled as part of Hortonworks Data Platform.

* Teradata Transforms Global Database Technology

* New EMC Greenplum Database Enhancements Boost Big Data Analytics

* Cisco’s servers now tuned for Hadoop

* Amplidata Closes $8M Funding Round with Big Bang Ventures, Endeavour Vision, Intel Capital and Swisscom

* Got Big Data? Jaspersoft CEO Brian Gentile outlines three approaches to connecting to ‘big data’ for business intelligence reporting and analysis.

* Cray’s YarcData Division Launches New Big Data Graph Appliance

* Introducing Spring Hadoop Developing applications for Hadoop technologies based on Spring technologies.

* MarkLogic and Hortonworks Partner to Enhance Real-Time Big Data Applications with Apache Hadoop

* Continuent and SkySQL Join Forces to Better Serve the Global MySQL Community

* Data Entrepreneurship

* For 451 Research clients

# Anaplan bags $11.4m in VC, looks beyond budgeting and planning to business operations Impact Report

# XtremeData seeks to differentiate analytic database for extreme data workloads Impact Report

# Calpont adds parallel loading to columnar database for online analytics Market Development Report

# MarkLogic formalizes Hadoop support with Hortonworks partnership Analyst note

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The Data Day, Today: Feb 3 2012

New CEO at Revolution. Pentaho goes big data. EMC Hadoop gets Isilon. And more.

An occasional series of data-related news, views and links posts on Too Much Information. You can also follow the series @thedataday.

* Revolution Analytics Names David Rich New CEO

* Pentaho Open Sources Big Data Capabilities to Further Fuel Widespread Adoption

* EMC Isilon is Industry’s First Scale-Out NAS System with Native Hadoop Support

* Actuate Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Results

* Sumo Logic Raises $15M Series B Round for Next Generation Log Management and Analytics

* Announcing Oracle R Enterprise 1.0

* Paul Cormier Joins Hortonworks’ Board of Directors

* DataStax Launches First Complete Solution for Cassandra Development on Windows and Mac

* Latest Release of Kalido Information Engine Eliminates Data Mart Migration and Consolidation Hassles

* Karmasphere Brings More Power, Collaboration, and Faster Insights to Big Data Analytics Teams on Hadoop

* Why Big Data Won’t Make You Smart, Rich, Or Pretty

* SAP HANA – slowly moving out of hype into actual projects

* For 451 Research clients

# Actuate gets ready to go shopping in the ‘big data’ mall Acquirer IQ

# Couchbase cites enterprise adoption, clarifies distributed NoSQL database strategy Impact report

# SpagoBI illuminates 2012 roadmap, takes open source model to US, Latin America Impact report

# Customer data analysis provider nPario combines big data and smart segmentation Impact report

# Tableau details 2012 growth strategy, gets semantic for visual analytics Market development report

# EMC integrates re-branded Hadoop distribution with Isilon NAS Market development report

# Quiterian seeks funding for new customer analytics in the cloud focus Market development report

# Hortonworks refines its commercial strategy for Apache Hadoop Market development report

# Digital Reasoning pledges to automate the analysis of complex data Market development report

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What’s in a name? EMC Greenplum rebrands its Hadoop distros

As expected, EMC has announced that it is integrating its Greenplum HD distribution of Apache Hadoop with its Isilon scale-out NAS technology. The move coincides with a re-branding of the company’s Hadoop distributions that, while slight, could prove significant.

Specifically, EMC has enabled the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as a native protocol supported on OneFS in addition to Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) support, enabling Isilon systems to provide the underlying storage layer for Hadoop processing, as well as a common storage pool for Hadoop and other systems.

EMC is talking up the benefits of combining Isilon with Greenplum HD. For the record, that’s the Hadoop distribution previously known as Greenplum HD Community Edition, based on the Apache Hadoop 0.20.1 code branch.

Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition, based on MapR Technologies’ M5 distribution, is now known as Greenplum MR, and is not supported by Isilon due to the fact that it replaces HDFS with Direct Access NFS.

EMC notes that Greenplum MR is being positioned as a high-performance Hadoop offering for customers that have failed to achieve their required performance from other distributions.

While EMC is quick to maintain its happiness with the MapR relationship and its commitment to Greenplum MR, it’s clear that tight integration with Isilon, particularly in the EMC Greenplum DCA, will result in an expanded role for Greenplum HD.

Additionally, while the company’s Greenplum Command Center provides unified management for the Greenplum Database, Greenplum HD and Greenplum Chorus as part of the recently announced Unified Analytics Platform (UAP), MapR has its own management and monitoring functionality.

Since we expect EMC to pitch the benefits of integrated software in UAP and software and hardware in DCA, it is now clear that Greenplum HD, rather than the Greenplum MR, is considered the company’s primary Hadoop distribution.

Given Greenplum HD’s starring role in the Unified Analytics Platform (UAP), Data Computing Appliance (DCA) and integration with Isilon, Greenplum MR’s role is likely to become increasingly niche.