Upcoming data events and travel plans

I’m gearing up for a busy few weeks of international travel with presentations in the Europe and both the east and west coasts of the US.

It all starts on March 28 when I’ll be heading to London for Cassandra Europe 2012 where I’m looking forward to attending a packed schedule of Apache Cassandra case studies. Later in the day I’ll be essentially improvising a presentation combining our view of the state of the NoSQL market with an overview of highlights from the case studies stream for those who have attended the workshop stream.

The following week is HCTS EU, 451 Research’s own event in London, which takes place on April 2-3 and is Europe’s go-to convergence event for CIOs, cloud decision makers, vendors and investors. On April 3 I’ll be presenting our ‘Big Data’ Survival Guide – explaining the importance of ‘big data’ – what it is, what it isn’t and why you should care, we well as 451 Research’s associated concept of Total Data, designed to enable the realisation of valuable business intelligence from ‘big data’.

After a quick trip to California for an analyst event I’ll be heading for Zurich for a couple of events where I’ll be explaining our perspective on the development and adoption of NoSQL and NewSQL databases, including some insights from our forthcoming long format report on the competitive dynamic between MySQL, NoSQL and NewSQL. Specifically, I’ll be presenting at the ESE Conference on March 25th, followed by the NoSQL Road Show on March 26.

Then I’m off to Washington DC to attend MarkLogic World, where I’ll be appearing on a panel with other analysts on May 2 to discuss the impact and implications of ‘big data’.

At some point during all this traveling I’ll be completing the forthcoming long format report on the competitive dynamic between MySQL, NoSQL and NewSQL, hopefully before I’m back in California for OSBC, where I’m scheduled to present our findings on May 21.

Look out also for details of a couple of webinars currently being scheduled between now and the end of May as well.

And then I’m going on holiday.

Presenting NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond at OSBC

Next Monday, May 16, I will be hosting session at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco focused on NoSQL, NewSQL and Beyond.

The presentation covers our recently published report of the same name, and provides some additional context on the role of open source in driving innovation in distributed data management.

Specifically, the presentation looks at the evolving influence of open source in the database market and the context for the emergence of new database alternatives.

I’ll be walking through the six core drivers that have driven the development and adoption of NoSQL and NewSQL databases, as well as data grid/cache technologies – scalability, performance, relaxed consistency, agility, intricacy and necessity – providing some user adoption examples for each.

The presentation also discusses the broader trends impacting the data management, providing an introduction to our total data concept and how some of the drivers behind NoSQL and NewSQL are also impacting the role of the enterprise data warehouse, Hadoop, and data management in the cloud.

The presentation begins at 3pm PT on Monday 16. The event is taking place at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. I hope to see you there.