Forthcoming webinar: The New Path to Performance. No Sharding!

On Tuesday March 26th at 10am PT I’ll be taking part in a webinar with NuoDB on the subject of The New Path to Performance. No Sharding!

As part of the webinar I’ll be explaining the various strategies used by enterprises to attempt to achieve scalability of relational databases, why they fail to meet modern distributed processing requirements, and why companies are increasingly open to looking at alternatives to the traditional relational database.

Wiqar Chaudry from NuoDB will also be discussing how to eliminate technical acrobatics, including:

Performance tuning
And other kinds of 20th century database tricks.

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The Data Day, Two days: January 9/10 2013

SAP on HANA. Funding for Guavus and ScaleArc. And more

And that’s the Data Day, today.