SolarWinds looks to shine in other markets

Contact: Brenon Daly

Having built a billion-dollar market cap through a cheap and easy offering for network management, SolarWinds is looking to take that approach to new markets through small acquisitions. Exactly a year ago, the company picked up Tek-Tools to add storage management to its portfolio, and now it steps fully into application performance management (APM) and virtualization management with its reach for Hyper9. SolarWinds is handing over $23m in cash for Hyper9, with terms also providing for a possible $7m earnout.

The addition of the small Austin, Texas-based startup, which had only about $2m in sales, gives SolarWinds its first stand-alone virtualization offering as well as a shoring up its APM product. (In the past, SolarWinds had a much less robust APM offering as a module to its flagship Orion product.) The moves also brings the company into more direct competition with management giants such as Hewlett-Packard, CA Technologies and Quest Software, among others.

In terms of competition, we would note with some irony that in a recent technology bakeoff that a nationwide grocery chain held for a monitoring product, Hyper9 got the nod ahead of SolarWinds, among other vendors. (See the full details in our User Deployment Report). So maybe part of the thinking at SolarWinds for the deal was if you can’t beat them, buy them