Checkpoint’s deeply discounted divestiture

Contact: Brenon Daly

In one of the more financially lopsided divestitures we’ve seen in some time, Checkpoint Systems says it will be pocketing just $5.4m for its North American CheckView business, which is being picked up by buyout shop Platinum Equity. The electronic security unit generated roughly $77m of revenue in 2012, although it did run slightly in the red.

Following a review of its businesses last year, Checkpoint set aside CheckView as a discontinued operation and broke out some of the division’s financials. (We confirmed that Platinum will be acquiring the whole CheckView unit.) At the time of the sale, CheckView employed some 225 people.

Checkpoint’s divestiture comes as the latest bit of portfolio pruning by tech companies so far this year. Similar moves include Oracle shedding the Lustre business it obtained with its acquisition of Sun Microsystems to Xyratex in mid-February and Microsoft, which had already written down much of its aQuantive acquisition, flipping the Atlas Advertiser Suite to Facebook a month ago.

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