Consolidating the Google Apps ecosystem

Contact: Ben Kolada

The Google Apps ecosystem saw continued consolidation on Wednesday as UK Google Apps developer and reseller Ancoris announced that it was acquiring Appogee for an undisclosed sum. Google and other enterprise apps providers are using resellers to target the SMB market, a strategy that has spawned a plethora of application systems integrators. Consolidation in this sector has taken off in the past few years and is providing extremely fast growth for some companies.

Application software OEMs, such as Google but also including, have focused their efforts on targeting the enterprise segment, and instead have used resellers to penetrate the SMB market. Meanwhile, cloud services are now affordable for SMBs, and millions have migrated away from their old premises-based systems to modern cloud services.

VARs like Ancoris and Cloud Sherpas add functionality to the apps they resell, such as multiple domain setup, administrative capabilities and more fleshed-out instant messaging capabilities. Essentially, they’re making paid Google Apps more suitable for SMBs by answering shortcomings not addressed by default by Google.

Increasing adoption of cloud services combined with consolidation has played out particularly well for Cloud Sherpas, which has acquired eight companies in the past two years, including two so far this year. The company’s CEO has publicly said he expects revenue to break $100m this year, up from about $75m last year and less than $1m in 2009.

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