Taking advantage of the times

Contact: Ben Kolada

While the real estate industry overall is still hurting, M&A in the construction and facilities management software space is growing. Driving deal flow is the same factor that depressed the real estate market – the macroeconomy. Companies are continuing to seek new ways to cut costs, and increasing facilities’ efficiency is becoming a popular option. Growth, alongside fragmentation in the facilities management software sector, is leading to increasing consolidation.

Similar to trying to squeeze additional productivity out of employees, companies are now trying to squeeze additional efficiencies out of their facilities. In fact, as IBM stated in its acquisition of TRIRIGA, property and real estate are the second-largest costs to a business after employee compensation.

As a result, many vendors in the facilities and property management software segment are experiencing significant growth. Accruent, which claims to be the largest facilities management software provider, expects to grow revenue approximately 50% this year. (However, we’d note that M&A has helped the company’s upward revenue trajectory. Accruent has announced four acquisitions since 2011.)

The sector’s growth potential has even attracted some of the largest acquirers. IBM paid $108m for TRIRIGA in 2011 and last year Oracle acquired Skire’s assets. Beyond growth potential, vendors will consolidate the fragmented market, and acquire to add complementary offerings to their portfolios. Accruent, for example, bought Evoco in part to add construction management software to its existing facilities management software products.

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