Twitter’s tiny transactions

Contact: Jarrett Streebin

Even though it’s one of the biggest properties on the Web, Twitter has only done small deals. Over the last two years, it has been steadily strengthening its platform with small acquisitions. The pace has picked up notably in the past half-year, with Twitter announcing four purchases in that time. Thanks to its shopping spree, the company has added search capabilities, location to tweets and mobile capabilities via an iPhone app and an SMS service.

Twitter’s latest move, the acquisition of Smallthought Systems earlier this month, continues the trend of tiny technology transactions. The target’s main offering is Dabble DB, which provides database software for managing large pools of data. At a rate of 65 million tweets per day, Twitter is overflowing with data. We see the Dabble DB buy as an effort to bolster the vendor’s still-nascent attempt to actually ring up some sales.

Twitter recently rolled out promoted tweets, through which advertisers will be able to place ads on the site. Along with its deal with Google, this is one of the firm’s first attempts at revenue. Smallthought’s Dabble DB should help Twitter to manage and interpret the massive amounts of user data, which should lead to better ad targeting. In that way, the deal flow at Twitter makes sense. The company’s first few buys were about building up its service and broadening its base of users. Now, it’s time to make money.

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