Amobee moves past mobile

Contact: Scott Denne

Amobee’s pair of acquisitions today shows a dramatic increase in the mobile ad network’s ambitions since becoming a subsidiary of SingTel in late 2012. The purchases of Adconion and Kontera for a combined $359m take Amobee beyond offering mobile advertising products and into selling advertisers the capability to reach their intended audience across digital mediums.

The pickup of Adconion brings Amobee the ability to send targeted ads to individuals across different ad channels (mobile, video, display, social, etc.) It also didn’t hurt that most of the target’s $185m in 2013 revenue came from North America, giving Amobee an instantly larger footprint in that market (about 40% of Amobee’s revenue comes from Asia). With Kontera, Amobee obtains technology that improves contextual understanding of where and how ads are placed on the Web and mobile devices.

These deals stand in contrast to Amobee’s only two previous acquisitions, which were mobile-focused technology tuck-ins (Gradient X and The increasing importance of audience-specific, rather than channel-specific, digital media is a trend that’s playing out across the ad-tech industry as advertisers seek to optimize interactions with target audiences, rather than experiment with individual ad channels.

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